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Every buyer of at least one of our services automatically becomes a member of our drone counseling center, while external members are invited to register and pay the annual membership fees. We believe in using the right tool for the right job, so we work with our clients like Turner Mining Group, to provide a solution that works for them. Sometimes that means we do everything from collecting the data to analyzing it and providing analysis… Faster access to real-time analytics with collection of data and processing in hours.

What are drone solutions

Skywatch is an on-demand drone insurance provider that offers hourly, monthly, and annual plans with a wide range of coverage. Their mission is to create innovative, easy-to-use tools that empower drone operators to fly safely, manage their flights seamlessly, and make sure they are insured at a reasonable price. Deloitte US Drone Services brings the technical capabilities, relationships, and subject-matter proficiency to help clients navigate the disruptive and emerging world of unmanned aerial systems . In manned aviation, pilots strive to do the same thing, the same way, every time. In the drone and unmanned industry, Professional Drone Solutions similarly strives for consistency.

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Each operation can be very different, so we ensure that the equipment we use is optimally suitable for your specific project. Project Wing is a drone delivery company started by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. In 2017 they launched a delivery program in Australia that carried burritos and other food to remote regions. Wing is leading the charge on U.S. drone deliveries, gaining approval from the FAA as a certified air carrier and partnering with FedEx and Walgreens to deliver goods to U.S. homes. Gamayauses hyperspectral imaging technology to help farmers get better and more accurate data.

What are drone solutions

A successful UAS program is closely tied to many aspects of a local landscape, including regulatory bodies, existing air traffic, airspace limitations, local government agencies, and industry players. Our team can help UAS program leaders effectively integrate their program with all existing aspects of society through economic impact analysis, stakeholder engagement, policy support, pilot program development, market analysis, and UAM services. Our CEO believes strongly in management availability and professionalism. This means our employees are expected to be prompt, courteous, and available for our project owners regardless of project size. Our company exists to serve our clients and we thank you for your interest in our drone services. A course teaching drone pilots how to respond and work with public safety organizations in disaster response efforts.

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Other requirements for operating drones include expertise in geography, model design and capability, the environment, wireless networking and technology and mobile apps and platforms. The Federal Aviation Administration has also been working with industry providers to craft drone-specific mandates that are flexible enough to spur innovation while maintaining public safety and privacy. Easily and quickly capture data for remote inspection and analysis, while reducing operational costs for the assets you insure. Improve risk management claims and accelerate underwriting decisions with drone services that include disaster management, elevation analysis, property inspections, aerial photography, and video capture. Although the use of commercial drones is gaining popularity, the technology’s value will vary widely across industries as use cases develop and grow.

BFD Systems was launched in 2017, and the company hit the ground running. They are experts in the R&D and payload integration elements of custom drones. Freefly is the inventor of the Movi Gimbal Stabilizer, and they’ve also been responsible forpulling surfers via drones (coolness factor through the roof for that!).

  • By teaming up with a commercial drone solution provider, you only pay for what you are using the drone for and never have to worry about the pricey surprise costs of owning a drone.
  • They also provide white label versions for large enterprise operations with enhanced administrative functionality.
  • At a Beam conference, users detail how they’re using the open source data processing technology at large scale in support of a …
  • Aerial imagery can keep track of their large, expensive equipment and other assets in order to ensure accountability.
  • Click here to contact the Dronefly team for any questions you may have about our product offerings.
  • They launched Skylight, one of the first UTMs , in 2017 to help with drone traffic management and BVLOS flights.

It features eight distinct commercial tracks for different industrial applications, as well as an international exhibition hall attended by drone manufacturers from around the world. DroneDeployoffers powerful cloud-based drone software that’s compatible with any drone. It allows you to map and create 3D models and analyze and share the data right from your device. They focus on automating workflow by supporting the importation of more than 70 different UAV log file types.

We will keep you up to date with more stories about drones and other relevant updates. If you are interested in purchasing any of our solutions, you can contact us for further information. The 2D maps and 3D models generated are compatible with a variety of GIS software, so results can be quickly visualized for timely adjustments. Traditional 2D maps do not capture enough GIS information for an environmental impact analysis needed in infrastructure planning. Survey inaccessible or hazardous areas safely and obtain overall site images for inspection works without sending personnel on-site. Use detailed images of site boundaries and protected areas to easily demonstrate conformance with regulatory requirements.

Staying A Drone

The platform offers real-time airspace, environmental, and regulatory data which is expertly customized to the specific operation. From our software development to our communication, we are constantly thinking about our clients. Our drone services have been crafted around expert insight into industries from construction, inspection, engineering, and marketing.

When drone data is collected in the right way, the results are very detailed, accurate and can be captured with greater ease and safety compared to conventional surveying. It’s difficult to gain all the information you need about a job site from the ground. Today, high-quality drone platforms help ensure building integrity, streamline mapping, surveying, allow easy volume checks, data collection, and more. From the trusted name in insurance risk mitigation, Lowers approaches its drone services with an insurance industry mindset to address the unique needs of insurers, brokers, claims managers, loss adjusters, and insureds. Equipped with a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, DNEST’s standard version, the D60 , features a modular, light weight, and highly integrated design that is easy to maintain and transport.

The Drone Racing League organizes and promotes drone racing around the U.S. andthe world. Check out theDRL racing simulator to see if you might be able to make the cut and be one of their newest pilots. Tracking, storing, sharing, and analyzing flights https://globalcloudteam.com/ and flight data, including tools for team collaboration. To read up on recent drone news, you can check out our own UAV Coach News page. We’d like to highlight these drone industry news companies on our Top 100 Drone Companies list as well.

To truly take full control of a dangerous drone situation, the key is taking control of the drone itself, and staying in control throughout the incident. Whether you’re monitoring the condition of commercial rooftops, inspecting a set of wind turbines, or maintaining the health of a solar facility, better track, survey, inspect, and manage your assets with DroneBase Insights. Airobotics has made a high-end, complex technology accessible and intuitive to users, allowing us to achieve amazing things in ways we have never even imagined possible. Airobotics has developed a platform that is fully automated, industrial grade, on-demand and multi-purpose. Aerial photos can be simply spectacular, especially photos captured by a St. Augustine drone… Drone technology is drastically changing the face of engineering mapping, measurement, and modeling.

The AEC Platform enables construction stakeholders to track, map, monitor, and inspect work sites so they can deliver projects on time and under budget. A single source of actionable insights to help you recover revenue, reduce risk, and improve build quality. The Airobotics platform has provided us with a highly effective tool that is cheaper economically and saves us time. With the platform, we can measure in one day what once took multiple days to measure. Large industrial facilities, operators must constantly be aware of on-site activity, equipment and ongoing processes. Designed for simplicity, the software answers the needs of users in real-time.

Historically, many UAV applications were developed in the military as spy or reconnaissance vehicles used during wartime. However, the development of this type of aircraft has evolved towards commercial, civil and consumer spaces, including professional videography, surveying, construction, inspection, traffic management and last mile delivery. Drone Software Solutions Other lower-profile uses for drone services include firefighting and police use, as well as other kinds of domestic surveillance. However, with a fully-managed commercial drone provider, all the technology and services are integrated into one platform creating a seamless experience between capturing, processing, sharing, and analyzing the data.

The Top 100 Drone Companies To Watch In 2022

The FAA issued Flight Forward a Part 135 certification, which gives them permission to operate a “drone airline.” Part 135 certification is the same certification smaller airlines, such as charter airlines, receive from the FAA and the U.S. They cover brands such as DJI, Yuneec, GoPro, Ryze, Parrot, Workhorse, Volcopter, and others in great detail. The environment can be complex with infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and water supply. Classification often relies on a combination of Google Maps, physical maps, and contour maps, which are low-resolution, not updated frequently enough, and not intuitive. Drone Arrival is the authorized Chicagoland dealer for PAL-V, the world’s first flying car.

According to Dronehub, its solution uses the world’s first and only European system for automatic battery replacement in a drone. Unlike other solutions, Dronehub’s docking station has multiple batteries stored inside that are replaced in just 2 minutes after a drone landing. The Hub’s Battery Management system keeps them at optimum temperature level, significantly extending their lifetime and performance during flight.


The platform also provides fleet/equipment management, detailed inspection/maintenance, custom documents/reporting and more. They also provide white label versions for large enterprise operations with enhanced administrative functionality. Vayu Aerospace Corporation is an American drone manufacturer dedicated to designing and building performance unmanned aircraft for sensitive government and enterprise customers.

A course designed to help drone pilots capture the important images and data for aerial roof inspection operations. Key elements to successfully deploying drones in construction are the drone itself, the flight planning and data collection process. Straightforward AGTEK software workflows turn the individual images into orthoimagery and point clouds are combined with simple methods to align and validate results. The insurance and loss adjusting industry relies, more than ever, on the quality of data captured from site inspections to provide crucial evidence to support damage assessments.

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Whether you are looking to improve your inventory management, track your pit progression, or verify contractor work, Firmatek’s drone solutions make it easy for you to turn your site data into business intelligence. The Dronefly team is here to ensure that you have the best equipment available for your enterprise operations. Dronefly provides practical, tailor-made UAS solutions to organizations to help increase operational safety and efficiency. Click here to contact the Dronefly team for any questions you may have about our product offerings. Flytrexis an Israel-based drone company that’s created the first cloud-connected drone designed for deliveries, as well as a platform to enable drone deliveries aimed at delivery companies or large retailers that want to make deliveries via drones. They are also developing drone hardware tailored for point-to-point or point-to-area delivery.

Together, we have more than 25 years of comprehensive knowledge of everything from hardware platforms and sensors to software solutions and integration options. One of the key differentiators of Skycharge’s solution is that, although it features DJI Mavic and Parrot ANAFI support out-of-the-box, it can also be integrated with any custom drone powered by 11-50Vdc. Its installation is as easy as snapping the battery into the drone and installing a charging add-on to one of the legs without affecting the drone warranty.

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Whatever you need — high-resolution stills, interchangeable lens capability, zoom lenses, longer range, extended flying time — we’re here to ensure you walk away with the ideal flying platform. Phase One’s drones solution opens the door to new mission types and applications. Being tethered also means the drone can fly even in extreme weather conditions and offers precise hovering over the ground station even in GPS-denied environments. The tether solution also supports operations from stationary or moving platforms traveling up to 25 mph. Conducts fully autonomous inspection, security, and emergency response tasks at industrial sites multiple times a day, boosting productivity and minimizing risks and costs. From Chile to Singapore, Percepto’s Sparrow drone-in-a-box solution has already been deployed at the largest mining, oil & gas, utilities, and energy organizations including Verizon, Enel, Florida Power & Light, Delek US, and ICL Dead Sea.

We are enjoying using the system as we managed to integrate the system for our needs. More comprehensive exploration, planning, and inspection with aerial support. Drones assist in various Government operations and departments, ranging from infrastructure to agriculture and tourism.

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SkyFundis a venture capital firm that invests in drone startup companies. They’re backed by DJI and Accel, and fund UAV entrepreneurs across a variety of application, hardware, peripheral and services categories. Their workflow management tools are used by a majority of North American geospatial production shops.

In 2015 they unveiled their new, highly professional drone, theFreefly ALTA, which has been so popular that the Alta has become synonymous with Freefly, and is commonly used interchangeably with the company’s name. EHANGdesigns and manufactures drones that can be controlled entirely via a smartphone app. EHang continues to explore the boundaries of the sky with their pilotless air taxi, the EHang 216, which seats two passengers.

Our services are backed by procedures that our pilots fly the same way, with the same feel, every time. We deviate to get special shots and to comply with special requests, but we start with a standard that is above and beyond. From special clearances to motor starts to uploading photos, our processes are consistent and repeatable, ensuring our clients get a homogenous product they can expect to love. Absolutely we will comply with any special request our clients have, but we will always start in the same way so we are sure to satisfy our clients. When the first drone-in-a-box solutions appeared, doors started opening toward automated workflows, including BVLOS flights, where drones could perform missions 24/7 without any human intervention. DronSolution’s drone pilot training school is the first professional school which provides basic drone pilot training in three categories, as well as specialised drone pilot training, depending on the industry, in the air and water.

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